13 February 2012, Monday, 18:02

Average monthly salary in Bashkiria is equal to 17865 rubles

author: Galina Bakshieva | photo: Andrey Starostin

The average monthly salary in Bashkiria has grown in January-November 2011 by 13%, as compared with the same period of time in 2010, making up 17865 rubles – 78% of all-Russian average salary. The rates of wage rise outstrip the average all-Russian rates by 0,7%. The rise of wages in the country in a whole made up 12,3%.

The deputy Minister for labor and population social protection RB Alfir Sadrtdinov reported today that according to preliminary information the average monthly salary by the totals-2011 will be equal to 1842 rubles.

At the same time real wage in January-November 2011 against January-November 2010 amounted to 103,4% in the Republic. In Russia this showing is equal to 103,3%.