13 February 2012, Monday, 11:25

Kvass from Utchaly is admitted national brand at exhibition in Turkey

author: Alim Faizov

“The International Exhibition of Drinks” is over in the Turkish town of Antalya and company from Bashkortostan “Utchaly-Milk” was taking part in it.

The representative of Bashkortostan in Turkey Kanshaubi Miziev reports the owner of the trade mark “Kvass” in Turkey Oleg Glazunov has demonstrated the bread kvass “DOMASHNY” (“Homemade”) to the participants of the exhibition and to the experts of the International Drinks Organization. The traditional Russian drink, made by the masters from the Bashkir town of Utchaly, has won the diploma and the special prize as one of the best natural drinks among 105 companies from 20 countries.