10 February 2012, Friday, 14:38

Arab sheikh answers questions of citizens of Sterlitamac

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The Arab sheikh Arabi Kamal – a pedagogue of the Islamic College by Miriam Sultanova – answers question of Muslim believers today in the Central Mosque of Sterlitamac within the frames of the subscription campaign, held by the religious newspaper “RISALYAT-Epistle”. The sheikh arrived in Bashkortostan along the line of religious education from the International Islamic University “AL-AZKHAR” (Egypt). The director of the Islamic College Ildar Malakhov arrived in Sterlitamac together with him from Ufa. He is working as an interpreter from Arab into Russian and Tatar languages.

As M-r Malakhov said to “Bashinform”, Muslims not just put general questions concerning Islam but pose serious problems before the sheikh and the guest from Egypt gives detailed answers, referring to the main source of Islam – Koran.

themes: religion