10 February 2012, Friday, 13:30

Ramil Badretdinov is appointed director of sanatorium “Green Valley”

author: Rozalia Valeeva

The former director of the resort “YANGAN-TAU” Ramil Badretdinov is appointed the director of the sanatorium “Green Valley”.

The official representative of the Ministry for health protection RB Anfisa Rakhmatova reports that “the decision concerning new post for Ramil Badretdinov is explained by high economic achievements of the resort “YANGAN-TAU”, which he headed for many years. Other big Republic sanatorium “Green Valley” recently fails to demonstrate necessary economic dynamics so the problem to change this situation for the better is posed before the new director”.

In the all-Russian rating the sanatorium “YANGAN-TAU” holds the third line in the category “Activity of sanatorium-and-spa institutions. Now Engels Kulmukhametov heads this very popular health center.

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