09 February 2012, Thursday, 16:20

20% rise of tax collectability was registered in Bashkortostan in 2011

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Substantial rise of tax revenues was registered in Bashkortostan in 2011. Collectability of taxes and other obligatory payments has grown by more than 20% as compared with 2010.

In total complexity Bashkir tax officers managed to collect about 200 billion rubles, or, more exactly, 196 billion 882 million rubles. The ratio between assessments to federal and territorial budgets is 45 and 55% correspondingly, i.e. 88 billion 785 million and 108 billion 97 million rubles.

The main share of receipts to the federal exchequer is obtained due to severance tax and VAT – the share of these taxes exceeds 80%. As for the consolidated Republican budget, its revenues are by 80% formed due to personal and corporate income taxes.

themes: taxes, budget