07 February 2012, Tuesday, 15:10

Bear and star are chosen as talisman and emblem of the International Winter Children’s Games-2013

author: Dmitry Slezin

Totals of the contest for the best project of emblem and talisman of the VI International Winter Children Games-2013 are summed up. The Ministry for youth policy and sport RB reports the contest commission has examined the proposals of 28 participants. The total number of applications submitted is equal to 94, including 67 variants of emblems and 27 variants of talismans.

After stormy debates the honorable painter of Bashkortostan Airat Teregulov and director of the art studio “SIMAY” Rim Zabarov, who presented the star with the saltwort flower in the center as the emblem and the smiling brown bear as the talisman of the future Games.

The emblem and the talisman of the VI International Winter Children’s Games-2013 will decorate numerous banners, souvenirs and printed editions.