03 February 2012, Friday, 17:36

Average per capita income on one citizen of Bashkiria is equal to 19256,6 rubles per month

author: Galia Nabieva

According to totals-2011 the average per capita income on one citizen RB made up 19256,6 rubles per month, Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports. Statisticians have calculated money incomes minus obligatory payments, corrected on the index of consumer prices. As compared with 2010 the incomes of citizens RB dropped by 0,8%.

High level of social polarization is observed in Bashkiria as well as in the whole of Russia. 48,4% of the total volume of money incomes fall on 20% of population, having the highest incomes. Only 5% fall on citizens with the poorest incomes and these citizens make up 20% of population.