02 February 2012, Thursday, 20:57

Delegation of young lawyers from Bashkiria has taken part in the meeting with presidential candidate Vladimir Putin

author: Marina Shumilova

The delegation of young lawyers from Bashkiria has taken part in the meeting of presidential candidate Vladimir Putin with the corps of observers “For Frank Elections”, initiated and established by the all-Russian public organization “The Association of Russian Lawyers” with the purpose of honest and open-minded evaluation of the forthcoming presidential elections, appointed on March 2012. The project started in the middle of January. At present time it unites thousands observers-lawyers on a voluntary basis. In Bashkortostan the members of the corps will be present at all election stations of the Republic and qualified control of the clearance of the elections irrespective of what political power gives them the status of observers is the obligation of every member.

In the course of the meeting the members of the Bashkir delegation asked Vladimir Putin about his impressions of Ufa.

“I’d like to say that for the last years Ufa as well as many other Russian cities has changed much and changed for the better” – Vladimir Putin answered.

themes: elections