01 February 2012, Wednesday, 16:25

Laboratory for computer philology under Bashkir State University has monitored Bashkir internet

author: Elmira Sabirova

The laboratory for computer philology under the Bashkir State University, established in June 2011, has made a monitoring of the Bashkir internet segment, the press-center of the Bashkir State University reported.

According to the data introduced all sites of the Bashkir internet are divided into two categories: the sites of Republican mass-media (media sector) and all the rest. The total volume of Bashkir internet makes up 87462 pages and 27252251 word usages, i.e. 311,5 word usages per one page. 27376 pages and 10409656 word usages fall on the share of Bashkir mass-media sites.

The site of the newspaper “YESHLEK” turned out to be the most solid: 14229 pages and 8470444 word usages.