01 February 2012, Wednesday, 15:37

House for people, having suffered gas blast, will be erected in Priutovo

author: Galia Nabieva

The Vice-Premier of the Government RB, the Minister for housing and communal services RB Sergey Afonin has reported today that three-storied 24-flat house is already erected in the village Priutovo for the villagers, left without homes because of recent gas blast.

“The President of Bashkortostan posed the problem before us that all villagers should have shelter by May 2012. This problem will be solved in time” – Sergey Afonin stated.

16 flats in the new house will be distributed among homeless villagers and other eight flats will be given to the municipal administration for solution of local social problems.

The Vice-Premier has mentioned that the course of the building works will be monitored with the help of online cameras and builders will work in three shifts.