31 January 2012, Tuesday, 11:27

The number of acute respiratory disease cases in Bashkiria goes up but still lower than epidemiologic threshold

author: Alfia Agliullina

For the last week of January specialists of the Federal Agency for Health and Consumer Rights Dept in Bashkortostan register certain rise of the number of acute respiratory virus disease cases in the Republic. Thus, 15823 people, including 68,8% of kids under 14, got sick in Bashkortostan within the period between January 23 and 29. No cases of flu have been registered.

As compared with the previous week the number of sick people has increased by 16,8%. At that the number of cases of flu and acute respiratory virus diseases remains by 10,2% lower than the average long-term level. The sickness rate in Ufa increased by 9,7% for the last week. 3995people have got sick in the city, including 63,8% of kids under 14.