30 January 2012, Monday, 10:42

Every fourth citizen of Bashkiria works in small or medium business

author: Galia Nabieva

According to preliminary information of the Bashkir State Statistics Committee 462,5 thousand people in Bashkiria work in sphere of small and medium business undertakings, i.e. every fourth of all people, involved in economical sphere.

The majority of individual businessmen work in trade sphere. More than a half of them (58%) are busy with wholesale and retail trade and technical repair. Only 8% of individual business people work in agriculture and 7% — in processing productions.

According to calculation of statisticians 8 small and medium enterprises and 20 individual businessmen fall on 1000 citizens RB. In Russia these indices make up correspondingly 12 and 20 on average.

Experts estimate the aggregate earnings of small and medium business at 522,8 billion rubles.