27 January 2012, Friday, 12:50

More than 70 thousand people admitted unemployed in Bashkiria in 2011

author: Galina Bakshieva

More than 70 than thousand people were admitted unemployed in Bashkiria in 2011. About 85 thousand have been officially admitted unemployed in 2010.

The State Population Employment Service Dept in RB reports in 2010 the share of the citizens, admitted unemployed, of the total number of people, who asked for help when seeking jobs, made up 55%.

At the beginning of January the share of women, registered as unemployed, made up more than 60% and men – correspondingly about 40%

At that almost one fourth of the total number of people, registered as unemployed, falls on youth at the age of 16-29. Citizens of pre-pension age make up about 9%.

Mean-age people prevailed in the list of the citizens, registered as unemployed on January 1, 2012 – almost 67%. The share of villagers made up more than 38%.