26 January 2012, Thursday, 15:46

Trams and trolley-buses loose popularity in Bashkiria

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Electric transport looses popularity in Bashkiria and the number of passengers, using trams and trolley-buses in 2011,  has dropped by more than 14%, as compared with 2010. According to the Bashkir State Statistics Committee trolley-buses have transported 59,7 million passengers in 2011 and trams – 35,1 million, i.e. by 14,2 and 14,1% less than in 2010 correspondingly.

At the same time buses remain quite popular urban transport. In 2011 buses have transported 464,7 million passengers – 99%-growth against 2010, though bus tickets have become substantially more expensive. The rise of ticket prices among private drivers made up 50% — from 10 to 15 rubles, while the cost of electric transport remained the same – 9 rubles – the lowest fare in Volga federal district.