25 January 2012, Wednesday, 12:42

400 million rubles for dwelling purchase for minor orphans will be allocated in Bashkiria in 2012

author: Galina Bakshieva

In order to solve the problem for provision of all children-orphans with housing it is necessary to allocate about 909 million rubles with subsequent allocation of 142 million every year. At present time there are more than 4100 minor orphans and children, left without parental care, who haven’t yet flats, in the Republic.

“In 2009-2011 the total number of homeless children-orphans has increased 1,4 times, though the volume of budget means, allocated for provision of such children with housing, increased almost five times and it helped us to increase the number of orphans, having flats, more than three times” – the chief inspector of the Audit Chamber RB Svetlana Korovina reported.

Thus, more than 133 million rubles have been appropriated from the Republican budget for provision of minor orphans with housing in 2010 and more than 370 million – in 2011. In 2012 this sum will amount to 400 million rubles.