25 January 2012, Wednesday, 12:27

The majority of Bashkir brick plants raise output

author: Rasul Khamidullin

17 brick plants in Bashkiria have finished 2011 with production growth – mainly the plants, working on Russian-made equipment. Downswing was registered at four plants.

Seven plants have been stopped because of economic reasons. All plants, working on foreign equipment, managed to raise their output. 31 plants in the republic produce ceramic brick, including 25, equipped with Russian and Byelorussian equipment and six – with foreign equipment.

Two of three plants, producing lime-and-sand brick, have finished 11 months of 2011 with growth of their production indices.

The average cost of ceramic brick at the end of the last year was 5547 rubles for one thousand bricks without VAT (5033 rubles – in November 2010). The average cost of lime-and-sand brick was 4196 rubles for one thousand against 4546 rubles in 2010.