25 January 2012, Wednesday, 10:50

Social expenses make up two thirds of Bashkir budget

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Education and health protection remain the top priority directions of social support in Bashkiria. 44,3 billion rubles have been allocated by the Republican budget for financing of these spheres in 2011: almost 40% of the budget items of expenses. According to preliminary estimations, made by the Ministry for finances RB, the budget items of expenses amounted to 112,9 billion rubles in 2011.

67,3% of this sum are the expenses for social sphere. The share of expenses for education and health protection made up 20,9% and 18,4% correspondingly. 18,6 billion rubles or 16,5% was allocated for social backing. The sphere of housing and communal services was financed for the sum of 9 billion rubles (8%).

The expenses for other social spheres look much lower: thus, 1,4 billion rubles was allocated for development of culture and cinematography (1,3%), for support of sport and physical training – 1,2 billion rubles (1,1%). Less than 1,1 billion rubles was allocated for mass-media (0,9%) and 324 million rubles was spent for environmental protection (0,2%).

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