23 January 2012, Monday, 17:41

Ecological action “Save Fish from Fish Kill” is held in Aurgazinsky region of Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakshieva

Citizens of the village TOLBAZY in Aurgazinsky region RB have taken part in the ecological action “Save Fish from Fish Kill”, called to preserve biological resources on this territory.

“Participants of the action cleaned the ice surface of the local lake from snow and made ice holes, thus preventing the mass fish kill because of oxygen starvation. As a rule, the fish, living in shallow ponds with either slow or zero current, suffers hypoxia because of rotting of the dying driftweed, mass development of blue-green algae and its intense decomposition” – the press-secretary of the Ministry for ecology and nature management RB Nina Nikandrova reported to “Bashinform”.

Oxygen starvation usually comes at the end of February – the beginning of March because within this period of time the oxygen, dissolved in water, is already absorbed by fish and algae and the inflow of fresh oxygen is restricted by thick ice coating.

themes: ecology,fish