23 January 2012, Monday, 12:28

Germany has estimated Bashkir “Honey Symphony”

author: Galia Nabieva

The Bashkir scientific-research institute for bee-keeping and apitherapy introduced more than 150 items of its output at the “Green Week-2012” in Berlin – Bashkir honey, foodstuffs etc. Europeans have highly estimated the adsorbed dry royal jelly, kissels with farina, non-alcoholic balsam “Bashkortostan” and the carbonated beverage with propolis “The Source of Health”.

The strong drinks, introduced by JSC “BASHSPIRT” also meet high demand: more than 35 items of liquors, vodka, balsams, wines and many other products. The tasting of the republican foods was also organized for the guests of the exhibition: cheeses, meat delicacies, sausages and other foods, including national Bashkir ones.

On January 21-22 the representatives of the Republican business circles, headed by the first deputy Minister for agriculture  RB Nikolai Kovalenko, have visited the best farms of Germany.