20 January 2012, Friday, 17:30

48 private technical stations are righteous to make technical checkup of cars in Bashkiria

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The private technical stations for technical checkup of cars are determined in Bashkiria and their addresses are published on the site of the state committee for transport and road economy RB. The list contains 48 stations in different towns and regions RB.

It should be reminded that technical checkup of cars was handed over to private companies in 2012. At that only the stations, accredited by the Russian Union of Auto Insurers, are righteous to carry out such examination.

The state committee for transport and road economy RB also reports that since January 1, 2012, one can pass technical checkup in any Russian region, irrespective of the car registration.

The order of technical checkup and vehicle registration is changed too. Earlier the car owners acted according to the scheme “OMI (obligatory motor insurance) – vehicle registration – technical checkup”. Now car owners have to pass technical checkup first, after that they have to ensure their vehicles and vehicle registration comes further.

themes: transport