19 January 2012, Thursday, 16:12

Bashkir authorities intend to launch experiment on separate waste collection

author: Galina Bakshieva

Bashkir authorities intend to carry out the experiment for separate collection of solid domestic waste in all towns and regions of the Republic, the Minister for nature management and ecology RB Azat Kutliakhmetov reported today.

“Every municipality has to organize separate collection of food and non-food garbage. Food garbage will be sent to the refuse dumps and non-foods will be sorted. Our surveys prove that the majority of local population is ready to take part in such waste collection” – he said.

At the same time the experiment on separate collection of solid domestic waste is already carried out in Ufa. At present time 300 containers for collection of plastic waste are installed in the Bashkir capital.

It is worth mentioning that at present time just about 3% of the total annual waste output is used in the Republic and at that 250-300kg of solid domestic waste fall on average on one citizen RB every year.