17 January 2012, Tuesday, 15:30

Bashkir agrarians export grain to Poland

author: Galia Nabieva

For two weeks of 2012 Republican agrarians have shipped 140 tons of III-class rye off to Poland, as the Russian Federal Agency for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision in Bashkortostan reports. Other 100 tons will be shipped off during the next week.

In 2012 the Republic managed to harvest more than three million 200 thousand tons of grain. This is much more that the internal need and local agrarians export the surpluses of grain abroad. Thus, 18,8 thousand tons have been exported to Poland, Azerbaijan and the Baltic states in 2011.

Not only Poland is interested in Bashkir grain. Republic of Bangladesh also intends to buy about two million tons of wheat in Russia and Bashkortostan is considered by this country as the main purveyor.