17 January 2012, Tuesday, 14:51

Bashkir road fund is by ¾ formed at the expense of excises

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Excises will become the main source for formation of the road fund RB in 2012. The information about replenishment sources and about distribution of means on the main directions in road economy is located on the site of the state committee RB for transport and road economy.

According to this information the overall amount of the Bashkir road fund in 2012 is forecasted at the rate of 7 billion 351,1 million rubles and excises for benzene, diesel fuel and engine oils make up ¾ of this sum – 5 billion 540.6 million rubles. The transport tax will provide for 24% of the total sum – 1 billion 800 million rubles. At that beginning from 2012 all means, obtained due to the transport tax, will be distributed among towns and regions of the Republic depending on the amount of intakes of this tax into the regional budget from the territory of every municipality and will be directed to repair of local roads. The rest of the sum – 10,5 million rubles – is the payments of owners of heavy trucks as reparation of damages to the Republican highways.

Almost 4,8 billion rubles will be spent for construction, maintenance and repair of the regional and inter-municipal roads. 2,4 billion rubles will be directed to the local roads and other 151,1 million will be spent for repayment of the budget credit from the federal exchequer.