12 January 2012, Thursday, 18:08

Vladimir Putin launched his site as a presidential contender

author: Marina Shumilova

The Chairman of the Russian Government Vladimir Putin, running for presidency in March 2012, launched his own site as a presidential contender, RIA “NOVOSTI” reports.

The site www.putin2012.ru started working on Thursday. It consists of such divisions as the pre-election program, biography, hobbies, events and public opinion. Besides, one may leave proposals to Vladimir Putin as a presidential contender on the site’s division “Let’s Change Russia Together”. The best proposals will be chosen by the site’s visitors.

As the press-secretary of the Prime-Minister Dmitry Peskov specified, the site www.putin2012.ru will start working in the RF-zone beginning from tomorrow. The site will function only in Russian language and after the presidential election it will be frozen and will exist for some time in a static mode.

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