12 January 2012, Thursday, 13:20

Bashkir laws will be available on the internet-portal of legal information

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

On January 12 the parliamentary committee for state construction has considered the bill “The alteration of some legal acts RB in connection with perfection of legal regulation of the order of publishing of normative legal acts in Republic of Bashkortostan” during its regular gathering.

The deputy chairman of the committee Michael Bugera reported that the necessity to pass this document was caused by active implementation of modern IT today.

“The everyday practice shows that publication of the legal acts in the printed press is becoming a thing of the past and internet appears more convenient both for the users and the law-makers, but until now this problem wasn’t controlled by the Republican legislation, i.e. the placement of official documents in the web wasn’t considered as the official publication. Russian law-makers have already solved this problem. The similar internet-portal was launched in our Republic too in accordance with the instructions of the President RB. Now we have to alter the law to make publication of any legal document in internet official” – he explained.

The new internet-portal of legal information started recently functioning in Bashkortostan to the address: www.npa.bashkortostan.ru. At present time the site is working only with regard to Presidential and Governmental decrees. After the Republican law is altered, all publications, made by the Bashkir parliament on this site, will become official and authorized.