11 January 2012, Wednesday, 12:18

Rise of prices in December 2011 was the lowest in Russia for the last decade

author: Galia Nabieva

The index of consumer prices in Russia in December made up 100,4%, the Russian State Statistics Committee reports, and this is the lowest value since 1991. In December 2011 the prices have gone up by 1,1% and the pre-New Year purchases weren’t accompanied by the substantial rise of prices.

For the last month of 2011 foods have become just by 0,7% more expensive and non-foods – by 0,3%.

According to the official statistics the rise of consumer prices in nine regions of Russia made up 0,7% and more. The most noticeable rise of prices was registered in Lipetsk and Kursk regions – by 1,1% and the main reason was the rise of tariffs for services by 3,5 and 2,5% correspondingly. Besides, foods in Kursk region have become by 1,4% more expensive.

Stable rise of prices for eggs, vegetables and fruits was observed at the end of the ongoing year. Thus, the prices for chicken eggs in Russia increased by 3,1% on average.

The cost of meat and meat products has gone up too. Thus, the prices for mutton have become higher by 1,3%, for beef and sausages – by 1-1,2%. At the same time prices for chicken meat dropped by 0,1%.