10 January 2012, Tuesday, 12:18

Bashkir agrarians will receive federal recovery of expenses for melioration

author: Galia Nabieva

Agricultural producers will be paid back up to 50% of their expenses for reconstruction, construction and technical rearmament of their land reclamation systems, the press-service of the Russian Ministry for agriculture reports. The subsidies will be distributed among Russian regions taking their regional melioration programs into account and the means won’t be allocated for project and research works. In this connection the regional ministries for agriculture have to work up their economically substantial programs and to submit these programs for consideration and analysis by the Russian Ministry for agriculture’s department of economics and analysis.

The system of melioration and federal subsidies for construction and reconstruction of such systems are very important for Bashkortostan, found in the zone of hazardous farming and the severest drought-2010 has demonstrated it quite evidently. The Republic continues reconstructing the already available and constructing new irrigation systems. Besides, local farmers put new irrigation systems into exploitation every year at the expense of their own means.