10 January 2012, Tuesday, 11:02

For the last eight years the level of education in Bashkiria increased by 8%

author: Galia Nabieva

94% of population in Bashkiria at the age of 15 and older have general secondary education and higher. In 2002 there were about 90% of such citizens and in 1989 – about 80%. This is one of the results of the all-Russian population census-2010 and this information proves the growth of the education level in the Republic.

At the same time specialists indicate to the substantial gap between the level of education among rural and urban citizens and it can be seen in the share of specialists with higher and secondary professional education. Thus, every thousand of urban population includes 215 specialists with higher education and only 100 such specialists can be found in the countryside. This tendency is typical for Volga federal district in a whole, where 238 citizens have institute diplomas and only 104 villagers have higher education. Similar situation is observed in the country on average.

Six citizens RB per one thousand have no even primary education.