30 December 2011, Friday, 14:02

Uri Pustovgarov: "Bashkortostan has to become attractive for investors"

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The President of the Trade-Industry Chamber RB Uri Pustovgarov addressed himself to members of the Trade-Industry Chamber RB, colleagues and partners with the New Year congratulation.

"For many people the New Year means the time of new beginnings. 2012 has to become and will be the crucial year in interrelations between the state and business. Business community consists of hard-working and freely-minded people, inventing new occupations, opening new workplaces, working and paying taxes. This is the "locomotive" of the society" — said in the congratulation.

Uri Pustovgarov thinks that our Republic should become the region, favorable for business and attractive for investors. "At present time the Trade Chamber is working over the project of the unique business-center in Ufa, meant exactly for these purposes. I think we'll manage to do it and Bashkortostan will declare itself as the most creative and progressive region on the federal level — the region, comfortable both for living and working".