27 December 2011, Tuesday, 14:29

The action "Second Life to Paper!" saved almost 180 trees

author: Galina Bakshieva

Ufa pupils collected almost 35 tons of waste paper within the frames of the action "Second Life to Paper!", initiated by the state unitary enterprise "TABIGAT".

The action was divided into several stages for every Ufa district. First it had started in Leninsky district and after that the pupils of Oktyabrsky district joined it.

"Recycling of waste paper helps to save wood. Thus, one ton of waste paper replaces about four cubic meters of timber. other words, it saves five trees. It turns out that Ufa pupils have already saved about 180 trees, thereby making their contribution to wildlife conservation" — the engineer-ecologist of the state unitary enterprise "TABIGAT" Albina Shamsutdinova said to "Bashinform".