26 December 2011, Monday, 10:42

Rustam Ishmukhametov: "Competition between political parties gains strength"

author: news agency "Bashinform"

Competition among political parties before the elections of all levels should gain strength, the head of "United Russia" regional executive committee, a member of the State Council-Kurultay-RB Rustam Ishmukhametov believes.

"The problems of further transformation of the Russian political system are very important for "United Russia" regional division" -  he said, commenting the Message of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev to the Federal Assembly — "Since such transformation means more openness and more democratic character of the parties' activity. I believe that the forthcoming presidential, municipal and elections of the Bashkir parliament's deputies will be even more open. Taking certain  easing of registration for the political parties and reduction of the number of signatures, necessary for registration, into account, I believe that these novelties will contribute to construction of a new stage in reformation of Russian society. At the same time such steps encourage us to work better, since we feel that the Presidential Message leads to increase of competition between the parties. At the same time "United Russia" intends to win all forthcoming elections".