23 December 2011, Friday, 10:56

Bashkirs from Estonia have paid a visit to their historical motherland

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

Some days ago the representatives of the Bashkir youth cultural society "AGIZEL" (Estonia, Tallinn) have paid a visit to Bashkortostan. They've visited Ufa, Salavat and Chekmagush. The guests from Estonia have taken part in the republican Bashkir dance TV-festival "BAIK".

The chairman of the society Fluza Khairullina told the news agency "Bashinform" that originally boys and girls were preparing only Bashkir dances but the organizers of the festival asked them to demonstrate the Estonian national dances too. For that the members of the society bought the Estonian national clothes and hired the choreographer Evi Tomingas, who staged two dances — "KARAJAAN" and "RAKSIJAAK" for them. So the repertoire of the guests from Estonia was mixed.

During the visit to Ufa the guests were learning Bashkir dancers and playing Bashkir national musical instruments, meeting the relatives and the leadership of the World Bashkir Congress.

The members of the cultural society "AGIZEL" brought numerous diplomas, gifts, souvenirs and books, presented to them in hospitable Bashkortostan, back to Estonia.