23 December 2011, Friday, 10:28

Several cases of African hog cholera were registered in Orenburg region

author: Galina Bakshieva

Several cases of African hog cholera were registered in some Russian regions, including neighboring Orenburg region. No cases of this dangerous illness was registered in Bashkiria yet. But this is not the reason to relax, the participants of the gathering, initiated by the wildlife conservation dept under the Ministry for nature management and ecology RB, consider.

It is well known that wild boars, migrating from the neighboring Russian regions, can become the infection carriers. In this connection the owners of hunting grounds were recommended to drop the prices on hunting vouchers for wild boars. All killed boars have to be obligatory delivered for the veterinary stations for medical examination.

Specialists say the virus of African hog cholera isn't dangerous for people but only for wild boars and pigs. In case of nidus arising it is impossible to save the whole livestock. Besides, after the hog ictus the three-year sanitary quarantine has to announced on the infected territory.