22 December 2011, Thursday, 15:29

Dmitry Medvedev suggests that governors of Russian regions should be elected

author: Marina Shumilova

The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev suggested that the Russian political systems should be reformed in his fourth Message to the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation. In particular, he offers to hold the elections of governors through direct ballot, registration of political parties has to be simplified  and the system of State Duma elections has to be changed.

"I think it is necessary to turn to the elections of regional governors through direct ballot. We have also to implement the simplified registration of parties — according to application from 500 people, presenting at least 50% of Russian regions" — the President of Russia stated. Dmitry Medvedev also proposed to change the system of State Duma elections, introducing the proportional representation on 225 districts. In his opinion such step will allow every territory to have its own direct representative in the Russian parliament.