21 December 2011, Wednesday, 15:05

Rustem Khamitov congratulated kids at Presidential New Year Tree show

author: Elmira Sabirova

The main New Year Tree of the Republic traditionally opened the series of the New Year festivities in Bashkortostan. The show has taken place in Ufa, the Culture Palace "NEFTYANIK", on Wednesday, December 21. About 800 kids from all towns and regions of Bashkortostan have become the owners of the lucky tickets to the show — young talents, high achievers, winners of various contests and competitions and children from the families of the servicemen, who died when doing their public duty.

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov came to congratulate the kids: "I see young and fine faces in the hall today. You came here from all nooks of our Republic. I know that it is rather difficult to become a participants of the New Year show and one should study well for that. I am happy that there are many pupils, possessing really good knowledge, in the Republic. When you finish schools, many of you will enter the institutes and we will erect new plants, making new information technologies, i.e. we will do everything to make your future life really interesting" — the  President of Bashkortostan said to children.

themes: New Year