20 December 2011, Tuesday, 12:47

The average age of a citizen of Bashkiria is 37,9 years

author: Galia Nabieva

The average age of a citizen of Bashkiria is 37,9 years. The average Russian is 39 years old. The Russian State Statistics Committee has summed up the final results of the all-Russian population census-2010. According to the official statistics 2 million 509 thousand 263 people of workable age live in the Republic now. Children and teenagers, i.e. those, who aren't yet able to earn, make up 742 thousand 290 people and there are 820181 pensioners in Bashkiria.

The urban population in the Republic is larger – 2 million 461 thousand 652 people. 1 million 569 thousand 848 people are admitted capable of working. 477 thousand 633 citizens are found in retirement. The average urban citizen of Bashkiria is 37,5 years old.

One million 610 thousand 640 people live in the countryside, including 939 thousand 415 able-bodied ones. 328 thousand 632 kids and teenagers live in Bashkir villages. The average age of a villager is 38,4 years.

The all-Russian population census-2010 was held in Russia on October 14-25, 2010, under the slogan “Russia Needs Everyone!”.