19 December 2011, Monday, 18:16

According to the population census-2010 Russians make up about 81% of population in Russian Federation

author: Marina Shumilova

According to the all-Russian population census-2010, published by “The Russian Newspaper” 80,9% of population recognize themselves as Russians, Tatars stand on the second place (3,87%), Ukrainians – on the third position (1,41%), Bashkirs – on the fourth (1,15%) and Chuvashs – on the fifth (1,05%). Chechens, Armenians, Mordvinians, Avars and Kazakhs are also found in the Top 10.

On the background of other nations since the all-Russian population census-2002 Chechens and Armenians have demonstrated the highest population development (from 0,95% to 1,04% and from 0,79% to 0,86% correspondingly). The number of those, who didn't want to call their nationality, also increased – from 1 to 4%, making up 5,6 million people.

According to the population census-2010 the population in Russia is equal to 142,896 million people.