16 December 2011, Friday, 14:28

Benzene cheapens and sausages rise in price in Russia

author: Galia Nabieva

For the last week the prices for eggs in Russia increased by 1,8%, for frozen fish, sausages, salt and mutton – by 0,4-0,7%. At the same time buckwheat cheapened by 2,1%, oats – by 2% and granulated sugar – by 1,2%. The Russian Statistics Committee determined the index of prices for the last week.

On December 6-12 the index of consumer prices according to the official statistics made up 100,1%, 100,2% — since the beginning of the month and 105,9% — since the beginning of the year. Other words, the food prices in Russia increased by 0,2% since December 1.

Vegetables are becoming more expensive too and the rise of the prices for vegetables for the last week made up 0,4% on average, including prices for cabbage – by 1,2% and for carrot and potato – by 0,7 and 0,5% correspondingly.

At the same time benzene prices dropped by 0,2% and for diesel fuel increased by 0,2%.

The Russian Statistics committee registers the prices for 62 sorts of the most important goods and services in 271 Russian cities.