16 December 2011, Friday, 12:41

Akhan Bekejan: “Akmullah is the figure, consolidating Turk nations”

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

“Akmullah is the great figure of Turk horizon and many Turk nations, including Kazakhstan, know him and his works” — the professor of the University of Aktubinsk by Baishev Akhan Bekejan said at the international forum in Ufa, devoted to he 180th anniversary of Miftahetdin Akmullah — “His conscious period of life had been formed on the territory of present Kazakhstan. He wrote his poems in Kazakh, Tatar and Bashkir languages. The first collection of his poems was published in Kazakhstan in 1925, edited by our famous compatriot and poet Saifullin. These poems still excite people by novelty and actuality. The problems our society faces today were posed by the enlightener still in those times. We can say that Akmullah is the figure, consolidating Turk nations”.