15 December 2011, Thursday, 15:22

Government of Bashkortostan rewarded mothers with many kids with “Motherhood Glory”

author: Olga Murtazina

Other 60 women with many kids were rewarded with the medals “Motherhood Glory” in the Government RB today. The ceremony was headed by the deputy Prime-Minister of the Government  RB Fidus Yamaltdinov and congratulating the women the Vice -Premier highly estimated their endowment to development of the society.

“To what extent the economics allows us doing it, the Republic will take care of the families with many kids further” — he said — “I want to say that the state policy on social encouragement of the families, rearing many kids, will remain one of our top priorities, this is the promise of the President RB”. Fidus Yamaltdinov has reminded that about 70% of the republican budget is spent for solution of social problems since “family is the beginning of all beginnings”. Prosperous family with many children is the basic cell of the society and an excellent example for younger generations, the Vice-Premier mentioned.

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