15 December 2011, Thursday, 10:04

Vladimir Putin will communicate with the country today

author: Marina Shumilova

The Prime-Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin will answer the questions of Russians today on the TV-channels “Russia 1”, “Russia 24” and with the help of the radio stations “MAYAK”, “VESTI FM” and “Radio Russia”. “The Talk with Vladimir Putin – Continuation” will start at 12 o'clock (Moscow time).

Any person may take a phone call to the Prime-Minister from any point of Russia by the phone 8-800-200-40-40 (all calls are free). SMS messages are received to the number 0-40-40 (also free). Besides, one may question the Prime-Minister on the site of the program “The Talk with Vladimir Putin – Continuation” to the address www.moskva-putin.ru.

This is already the tenth TV-bridge of Vladimir Putin and he started to use such format of communication with people still being the President of Russia in 2001.

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