14 December 2011, Wednesday, 15:41

Just about 60% of Bashkir purveyors take part in electronic auctions

author: Galina Bakshieva

Bashkir producers and purveyors aren't yet active at the electronic auctions and their share at the e-auctions for placing of government orders in January-October 2011 reached just 60%.

“For instance in such directions of e-auctions as medicals the share of Bashkir purveyors makes up just about 13%. At the auctions on food deliveries their level reaches 80%. The situation with participation of the Republican enterprises in the e-auctions, concerned with building and assembly works and with the design and exploratory works looks better – about 70% and in sphere of major repairs – about 85%. Our aim is to attract as many local producers and purveyors, wishing to participate in the e-auctions, as possible” — the chairman of the state committee for placing of government orders RB Sergey Novikov reported today during the online conference, organized by “The Public Electronic Newspaper”.