14 December 2011, Wednesday, 12:37

Federal budget will appropriate more than 7 million rubles for encouragement of the best teachers in Bashkortostan in 2012

author: Elmira Sabirova

Republic of Bashkortostan will receive 7 million rubles in 2012 from the federal exchequer for encouragement of its best teachers. The Prime-Minister of the Russian Government Vladimir Putin has already signed the corresponding decree.

The site of the Russian Government reports that 200 million rubles will be appropriated from the Russian budget for bonuses to the best teachers in a whole.

According to the document the subsidies will be distributed in the regions unevenly. Thus, Moscow will receive the highest prize fund (9 million rubles), Krasnodar region goes behind (8,6 million) and Moscow region will receive 8,2 million. 7,2 million rubles will be sent to Dagestan and 5,6 million – to Tatarstan.

The smallest subsidies will be allocated for Chukot autonomous region, Magadan and Jewish autonomous region (just 200 thousand rubles for each one). Kamchatka will receive slightly more – 400 thousand rubles.