09 December 2011, Friday, 11:46

The center of public security will start working in Ufa

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The center of public security is planned to open in Ufa and the problem concerning allocation of means for financing of such organization was considered during the public hearings on the draft city budget-2012.

The proposal concerning establishment of the center of public security was supported by Ufa administration and by the city council. The center will be established in order to help the police in enforcement of law in the city, since the criminogenic situation in Ufa is hardly can be called ideal. More than 4,5 thousand crimes have been committed in the living sector of the city in 2011 and about six thousand crimes – in public places.

It is expected that, as opposed to the real policemen, the employees of the center will have no weapons, so they will hardly struggle with really dangerous criminals. Their main aim will be prevention of violations of the law and all-round support of the police. They will take part in ensuring of public safety during mass actions, work with youth, struggling with spreading of drug addiction and alcoholism among teenagers. Besides, the employees of the center will struggle with unauthorized junkyards. It is expected that the staff of the center's employees will mainly consist of the former policemen, dismissed as a result of the last reform in the Ministry for internal affairs of Russia.

themes: law and order