08 December 2011, Thursday, 9:50

The rating of Bashkortostan is one of the highest in Russia

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Bashkortostan is considered one of the Russian regions, having the highest ratings.  According to the Minister of finances RB Ruzalia Khismatullina the rating agencies “Standard & Poor's” and “Moody's” put Bashkortostan on the third-fourth places in Russia. The Minister stated it during the last online conference with the readers of “The Public Electronic Newspaper”.

“Our Republic is rated by these agencies for already several years and from year to year we can watch stable rise of our rating as well as the rating forecasts” — she mentioned.

She has reminded that in 2011 the Republic's rating was preserved on the same level and the rating forecast was improved from “stable” to “positive”.

Answering the question what the rating was necessary for the Minister answered that first of all it was necessary for the investors. The higher the rating the better is the inflow of means for development of regional economics and business.