06 December 2011, Tuesday, 18:20

Alexander Ushenko: “The elections on the territory of the Republic have passed in quite civilized manner”

author: news agency "Bashinform"

The Communist party of Russia doubled its result on the territory of Bashkiria, as compared with the State Duma elections-2007, the State Duma deputy from the Communist party of Russia Alexander Ushenko stated.

“The elections on the territory RB were more civilized this time, comparing with the previous years. We've managed to improve our previous result in Bashkiria more than two times. In this connection I'd like to say many thanks to our voters, who managed to stand up for their votes in spite of hard pressure. We will strive for the rise of our support by local population, since we know quite well that the potential of the Republic is very high” — he said.

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