05 December 2011, Monday, 10:27

Muslims are celebrating the Day of Ashur today

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

One of the mos respected days of Islam – the Day of Ashur or the day of remembrance of prophets and messengers – is celebrated today. The name of the holiday comes from the Arab word “Ashara”, i.e. “ten”.

It is considered that the heaven, lands, angels and the first man Adam had been created this very day and the same day Allah demonstrated ten goods to ten prophets. The Noah's Ark moored to the Peak of Judy after the Flood, the prophet Abraham was born, the prophets Jesus and Enoch ascended to heaven, the prophet Ibragim escaped the fire of the pagans and the prophet Moses together with his adherents saved themselves from the pharaoh's pursuit. There is an opinion that the Apocalypses should come this day too.

Ashur is accompanied with either two or three-day lent.

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