02 December 2011, Friday, 17:24

Bashkortostan will get more than 23 million rubles of subsidies for support of social organizations

author: Galia Nabieva

Republic of Bashkortostan will get 23 million 774 thousand rubles for realization of the programs for backing of its socially-oriented non-commercial organizations. Russian Government approved the distribution of the subsidies from the federal exchequer to the regions for development of these programs, the official Russian news agencies report. More than 600 million rubles is meant for these goals.

The largest sum is meant for Saint-Petersburg – 37 million 591 thousand rubles, Bashkortostan goes further – 23 million 774 thousand, Tatarstan – 25 million 914 thousand, Krasnodar region – 29 million 511 thousand, Nizhniy Novgorod, Sverdlovsk and Samara regions – more than 23 million rubles each.

Now the regions have to hold the tender for rendering of financial assistance to socially-oriented organizations. Earlier the coordination council recommended the Ministry for economic development of Russia to permit the regions to use these subsidies in 2012, if they have no time to use them in 2011.