02 December 2011, Friday, 14:20

December 2 is the non-official banker day

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Bankers  and bank employees are celebrating their professional holiday today but the date is non-official because along with December 2 there at least two days in Russia, which the bankers may consider as theirs. The Financier Day on September 8, established in 2011 on the state level, and November 12 – the day of the Russian Savings Bank's employees, celebrated in Russia since 1998.

The date of the 2nd of December was approved in 2004, initiated by the Russian Banks Association (Moscow). This day was chosen because the first in Russian history federal law “The Central Bank of Russian Federation”, initiating formation of the modern bank system, and the federal law “Banks and bank activity” came into effect on December 2, 1990.

Banks exist in Russia since 1724. The first state bank has appeared in the country in 1753. It was called the Noble loan bank and was established in accordance with the decree of the Empress Elisabeth.

At present time there are more than 900 banks in Russia and 82 on the territory of Bashkortostan.

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