30 November 2011, Wednesday, 18:13

Vice-Premier Marat Mulukov answered the questions of bloggers

author: Sergey Zakharov

An online conference of the deputy Prime-Minister RB, the Minister of industry and innovational policy RB Marat Mulukov has taken place on the site of “The Public Electronic Newspaper” (www.i-gazeta.com) on November 30.

Within the period between 17 and 18 o'clock any visitor of “The Public Electronic Newspaper” might question the Minister after filling the corresponding form on the site's chapter “Put a question to the Minister!”. In a whole the Minister has answered more than 30 questions.

The video-broadcasting for the internet users was organized with the technical assistance of JSC “BASHINFORMSVYAZ”.

The materials of the conference will be published by the “Public Electronic Newspaper” and by the news agency “Bashinform”.

The complete report about this conference will published on the site of “The Public Electronic Newspaper” after rendering and video converting.